Apple’s newest iPhone relies on cameras to hide its lack of innovation

Apple, the company that invented one of the most popular and advanced smartphones, is relying on technology that customers are already acquainted with, such as its cameras, and taking the backseat when it comes to smartphone development, but the company’s commitment to familiar technology could be an advantage to the iPhone line-up.

The iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max are Apple’s latest phones, and both have a triple-camera setup, but this is not news for its customers. It’s one of the last smartphone producers to incorporate a wide-angle lens on its cell phones. Companies that make Android gadgets have a list of smartphones that later found their way to Apple devices. Motorola came up with a fingerprint sensor in its Atrix 4G phone in 2011, around two years before the iPhone 5S introduced TouchID to the iPhone. Furthermore, in the year 2011, Samsung brought its best collection into the market with its Note series, creating the phone-tablet hybrid or “phablet,” something Apple took note of for its Max and Plus versions of iPhones, which starts with the 6 Plus in the year 2014. According to recent research, the camera is considered to be the most significant feature in a smartphone by most customers. Apple has cleared that test with the iPhone 11 Pro lineup. A similar poll also recommends battery life, memory, ease of use, and durability as vital for cell phone users, most of which were addressed during the iPhone 11 launch in September. This confidence in similar technology also allowed Apple to focus on the latest projects, like Apple TV+ and other various devices, though they have not made them public yet.

When looking at Apple’s record as being the creator of a few of the most modern smartphones, it can be disappointing for customers to see a lack of advancement and technology in the newest version. We will have to wait and see what Apple has in store for their customer in 2020.


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