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SunPower Launches Most Powerful Solar Panels

SunPower has launched the highest-power residential solar panels available in the market. In the United States, it has introduced the Next Generation Technology home solar panel called A-Series that promises the capacity to generate 400 and 415 watts of power. In the European market, the company also gives customers the option to order a 400-watt solar panel called Maxeon 3. Both solar panels are the first ones to generate 400 watts in their respective markets and have been designed to give 60 percent more energy with the same amount of roof space as conventional solar panels.

The company is popular for its patented Maxeon solar cells that are built over a solid copper foundation to give high reliability and performance. They make the company’s solar panels almost entirely resistant to corrosion and cracking that usually causes panels to break down. The company’s solar panels are also known to have the slowest rate of degradation compared to conventional panels available in the market. A-Series panels are constructed using the fifth-generation Maxeon solar cells, otherwise called Gen 5, which was made at SunPower’s Silicon Valley Research Facility. The method employed in the creation of this technology utilized new materials, processes, and tools and resulted in a cell that was 65 percent larger compared to the previous generations. Owing to its size, it can absorb more sunlight and ultimately offer more savings to residents. It can also ideally be paired with SunPower’s Equinox platform.

Maxeon 3, introduced in the European and Australian market, is the first residential solar panel in the regions to give a 400-watt power range. It is built using the company’s third-generation Maxeon solar cells. Both A-Series and Maxeon 3 belong to SunPower’s extensive portfolio of residential and commercial solar panels. SunPower is a leading provider of solar technology and the new panels are devised to curb specific customer demands.

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